Passenger Accessibility Guidelines - Our smaller vessel, "Paradise Explorer", is more accessible for guests with physical handicaps to board or disembark, either at a floating marina pontoon or a beach such as Whitehaven. We can even accommodate a wheelchair in the front section due to the seats being able to be raised.

Our new vessel "Wild Dreams" can only be accessed from the bow ladder once at a beach so this would not be a suitable vessel for anyone with extensive mobility difficulties.

The difficulty would be that once at a beach location, there would be no opportunity for a wheelchair to be able to be operated effectively so this must be taken into account should the inquiry arise.

As our guests would board the vessel via a bow boarding ladder after swimming, and where there was no access to the boat via a beach, then a passenger who was not capable of pulling themselves up a ladder would be excluded from participating in swimming or snorkeling in this situation.

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer would also require a carer to accompany the guest for the duration of the tour or charter to assist the impaired guest - our crew are not trained in handling or lifting persons and their first responsibility is to the safe operation of the vessel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification on this policy.