Prior to booking one of our tours or personalised trips, we invite you to contact us about any individual information, dietary or special needs which you may have.

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a trip if we believe that conditions might be too rough or vigorous to fully enjoy the experience safely.

As we do not have a regular structure of set trips to the usual Iconic locations, visiting places such as Whitehaven Beach may not always be an option with us. We do however, promise that your adventure with Whitsunday Paradise Explorer will be informative, interesting, memorable and extremely enjoyable and while you might get a bit wet if it is rough and windy, the water is warm and you can always have a hot shower when you return to your accommodation!

The product range on our Website or brochure will give you an idea of the options we can offer you and we are always mindful of the least experienced amongst you – John has never had a customer get seasick in 20 years of charters and skippering.

Currently, you will need to find your own way to the departure location at either Coral Sea Marina on the western side of Airlie Beach, Port of Airlie on the Eastern side of the village or out at Shute Harbour should the trip be in the southern region. From time to time, in the interests of safety and sea conditions, the return port may be different to the point of departure and on these occasions, Whitsunday Paradise Explorer will provide transport back to the original departure (or other convenient location).

If you have time constraints on your day with us, please let us know as we do get a bit engrossed in showing you our beautiful playground and have been known to arrive back a bit later than planned – no complaints so far.

Payment for trips and charters can be made by a prior deposit (to secure the vessel on the day) through a bank deposit or credit card phone or mail order as well as paid on the day through a wireless dongle. Bank credit card fees do apply and we also accept American Express as well as all major credit cards.