If you are visiting Airlie beach on board a Cruise ship then you might be interested in your own private tour, rather than being herded on board a vessel with 30 – 60 other passengers.

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer delivers a unique and memorable experience, exploring the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

Tours are planned on a day-to-day basis and feature varied destinations. Explore the nearby islands such as the Molle islands or enjoy longer excursions where we venture across the Whitsunday passage to Whitsunday Island and Hook Island.



We offer 4- & 6-hour trips and limit our seating to 6 Adults (or 8 persons if 2 or more are children) on our smaller vessel ‘Paradise Explorer’ or up to 12 persons on our larger boat ‘Wild Dreams’.

  • 4 Hour Excursion: Includes morning tea with a scrumptious Muffin and a selection of water & cold drinks (non-alcoholic).
  • 6 Hour excursion: Include a gourmet lunch-pack. However, these may not be available if booking on short notice, so please contact us in advance. Also, we can accommodate special dietary requirements as needed, so long as we are provided enough notice.
  • Snorkelling Equipment including Mask, snorkel, fins and stinger suits are available at only $20.00 per person for the day. We will require sizes beforehand to ensure we can provide you with the correct fit.


Destinations and cruise length are determined on the day, depending on what local weather and water conditions permit.
Excursions costs are based on chartering the whole vessel, not on a per seat basis and are as follows:

From $900.00for 4 Hours
From $1,650.00 for 6 Hours

We also have a special Couples Onlypackage – please inquire.

Please contact us for a family concession rate if you are booking ahead for a future visit.